Can Pregnant Women Practice Yoga?

20130224-PREGNANT-Yoga-460Yoga for pregnancy can be very beneficial as it helps the mother to breathe and relax.

Yoga also helps to adjust the physical demands of pregnancy like labour pain, birth and motherhood. Further, yoga for pregnancy is recommended as it helps to calm the mind and body and promotes to relive stress throughout the pregnancy period.

Is yoga good for pregnancy?

Practicing yoga during pregnancy can help you to maintain flexibility, balance and tone your muscles. Practicing yoga under the supervision of an instructor is safe, just make sure to stop certain poses if you feel uncomfortable. Practicing yoga during pregnancy will also help you to kick out pregnancy related stress from your mind and body and will prepare you for labour. Yoga is beneficial for pregnancy because it improves stamina and also teaches you to abandon pain and discomfort. Since, yoga helps you to relax areas of tension it is a great technique to know during delivery and labour pain.

Yoga tips during pregnancy

In the first trimester practice standing yoga poses, in order to reduce legs cramps by boosting blood circulation. During the second and third trimester focus more on meditation and breathing. Do not overstretch the abdomen and emphasize the twisting poses on the shoulders and upper back. The best asanas for pregnant women are Marichyasana, Baddha Konasana and Upavistha Konasan as it helps to relieve back pain and keeps the hip muscles supple and elastic.

Safety tips for pregnant women

Here are a few tips, in order to avoid complications while practicing yoga –

  • Avoid yoga poses which includes backbends.
  • Avoid lying on your stomach.
  • If your experience pain and discomfort, discuss with your instructor and your doctor.
  • Slow down in between, by taking short breaks.
  • Check the room temperature, practicing yoga in a hot area, can make you dizzy.

Is practicing yoga safe after your pregnancy?

Consult your doctor before restarting your yoga session after pregnancy. Usually a six weeks gap is recommended after a normal vaginal delivery, and a little longer if you had cesarean. If you have been given the green signal from your doctor you can practice yoga once again.

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