Infographic: Mobile Internet Booms!

Infographic: One-Third Mobile Users in Bangladesh Have Internet

According to the latest BTRC report, the total number of mobile phone subscriptions has reached 120.350 million at the end of December 2014. While the total number of internet subscribers ... Continue Reading →
Dutch-Bangla Bank Mobile Banking

Digital services take off in 2015

Wimax operator looking to launch 4G in a couple of months Years of preparation, coupled with unprecedented Internet penetration and network readiness of the mass, paved way for 2015 ... Continue Reading →
Children of War: Terrifying time of independence of Bangladesh

Movie Review: ‘Children Of War’

Story Line Based on real events in Bangladesh, 1971, the film is about how rape and religion were used as war weaponry. The film deals with the birth of Bangladesh in 1971, focusing ... Continue Reading →
“Sale”: Shop carefully

“Sale”: Shop carefully

“Sale” is the word that works like a magnet to shopaholics people. Beyond shopaholics, others are also unconsciously dragged to the shops by this simple word. Also people, ... Continue Reading →

A ‘herbal’ flavour to your balcony

Imagine plucking few mint or basil leaves from your balcony garden and making a cup of tea. Or if you want to garnish your curry with few coriander leaves then all that you have to ... Continue Reading →
Power of digital media

Power of digital media

Imagine you are a startup company, with a small capital that needs allocation among operations, HR, infrastructure and what not and you need to start branding right away or you wouldn’t ... Continue Reading →
Qatar to invest up to $20 billion in solar energy

Qatar to invest up to $20 billion in solar energy

By Reuters, Doha OPEC member Qatar will ask firms to tender for a 1,800 megawatt (MW) solar energy plant in 2014 costing between $10-20 billion as the world’s highest per capita ... Continue Reading →

Nearly 6 million die from Smoking every year: WHO

Smoking remains the leading avoidable cause of death worldwide Despite public health campaigns, smoking remains the leading avoidable cause of death worldwide, killing almost six million ... Continue Reading →
Over friendly at work could be bad

Are you over friendly at work?

We spend many hours at work, so it is easy to understand why we prefer working in a friendly environment. However, before you anoint yourself the office welcome wagon or on-staff cheerleader, ... Continue Reading →
Iran Fashion Police

Iran Fashion Police

IRAN’s morality police were out in force on the streets of Tehran, the capital, for Mother’s Day on May 1st, which marks the anniversary of the birth of Fatima, daughter of the ... Continue Reading →