A ‘herbal’ flavour to your balcony

herb-garden-460Imagine plucking few mint or basil leaves from your balcony garden and making a cup of tea. Or if you want to garnish your curry with few coriander leaves then all that you have to do is to rush to your balcony. Herbs are excellent garden plants to grow on a balcony. Although most prefer hot sunny conditions, some of these plants can grow nicely in shades.

You can bring new life to your balcony by adding a few potted herbs. Having them in containers makes it easy because you can move them around. If you cultivate your balcony herb plants in containers, they are portable—so you can bring them inside at the end of the season.

Balconies are all about sunlight and you will want to go with herb plants like morning glories that grow well with a lot of sun. Check out your balcony at different times of the day to see the quality of sunlight, the heat and the intensity. You’ll also want to know which way your balcony is facing—will you get a lot of morning or afternoon sun?

Even as you decide to go ahead with your little green patch, decide what you want to grow. Think what herbs you use in your cooking. You can of course grow herbs for their visual appeal if you want, but why not get the most out of your efforts and be able to include garden fresh herbs in your cooking.

Herbs tend to grow quickly. Mint, for instance, will take over every inch of space it can get, so keeping it penned in is probably a good idea. Basil grown from seed will give you a mature bush plant in two months. Remember plants need care and watering. So, spare few minutes in a day for them. And then just enjoy the process of your green space flourishing.

herb at your balcony

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