FACING JUSTICE: Kamrul Islam is being produced in a Dhaka court.

Bangladeshi murder suspect deported

RIYADH: The Bangladeshi domestic aide who was arrested in Jeddah on a Dhaka murder charge, was deported Thursday, a senior official from the Bangladesh Consulate General’s Office ... Continue Reading →
Disaster in Bangladesh: Savar Tragedy

Disaster in Bangladesh: Rags in the ruins

A tragedy shows the need for a radical improvement of building standards IT WAS South Asia’s worst industrial accident since the Bhopal disaster of 1984, when a gas leak killed at ... Continue Reading →
Hacking vs. rape: Which is a crime more deserving of jail time?

Hacking vs. Rape: Which is a crime more deserving of jail time? [Opinion]

Two widely reported jail sentences were given today, one for hacking, one for two rapists. Guess who’s going away for longer? In Ohio in August 2012, two teenage boys drugged ... Continue Reading →