TV Commercials: How good, How bad?

TV Commercial

Some of these TV channels televise commercials of these foreign products continuously for 30 minutes. This is because it has been heard that these products pay the TV channels a huge chunk of money to televise commercials of their products. Some of these products include medicines for muscular aches, hair growth, weight loss etc.

Many people in Bangladesh, because of sheer ignorance, find it difficult at times to understand that these products are not dependable and will not provide them the desired benefits. Instead, they become convinced by the commercials, especially when they see celebrities and film stars campaigning for these products. They think that since celebrities are advertising the products, the products must be good and therefore, they should get hold of those.

Many people are getting convinced by the attractive commercials and are spending their hard earned money on those, only to find that they are being taken for a ride.

From an economic point of view, televising commercials of these products is very lucrative for the TV channels as they are able to generate a good revenue. However, business is not just about generating revenue but also about corporate social responsibility (CSR). Businesses also have a responsibility towards our society. They have to ensure that they are not doing anything that is negatively impacting the society. It is true that it is not realistically possible for a TV channel to determine the merits of every product and services to ensure that the products and services are genuine. Celebrities have a role in this as well. They have to realise that many people in the society look up to them. Though, they may receive dazzling remunerations for advertising a product or a service, they should refrain themselves from the temptation of quick money for the sake of the society. The government should also form a regulatory body whose task should be to ensure that commercials of spuriousake products are not shown in the TV channels, radios, billboards, newspapers and magazines.

Source: The Financial Express

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