Have a product, service, concert, or conference, that you want to promote? You’ve come to the right place!

Advertising with Monthly Support

300 x 250 Sidebar Ad

Example – 300x250px Advertisement Area











  • We will only feature two 300 x 250 ad per month on the right bar. As a result, you are guaranteed that yours will be the only big ad gaining the attention of readers.
  • We will feature your ad for one whole month, or you can book for year even.


  • Visible to all pages and posts.


  • Mail us to fragmenters [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested.

125 x 125 Sidebar Ad

Example – 125×125







  • This would be ideal if you’re on a tighter budget, all the while, ensuring you get a quality spot that will gain the attention of readers.
  • We will feature your ad for one whole month or even year.


  • $15 per month (or Tk. 1200 per month)


  • 6 lines X 2 per line = 12 ads

Why Advertising Spots Are So Limited on The Fragmenters?

We’ve all seen those sites that are plastered with sidebar ads. If yours is in the mix, chances are, it will get overlooked. Advertising on offers you a superior opportunity for advertising, since ads are very limited. Think about it, your 300 x 250 ad will be the only two on the entire site; your 125 x 125 ad will only be competing with twelve other ads of the same size. On top of all that, the rates for are very affordable and competitive.

Interested? Send an email to fragmenters [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll get this party started!

*In an effort to provide the greatest relevance to our readers, please understand that we reserve the right to approve or deny any ads that we feel do not seem to be a good fit for