FACING JUSTICE: Kamrul Islam is being produced in a Dhaka court.

Bangladeshi murder suspect deported

RIYADH: The Bangladeshi domestic aide who was arrested in Jeddah on a Dhaka murder charge, was deported Thursday, a senior official from the Bangladesh Consulate General’s Office ... Continue Reading →
10 women leader on internet & women

10 Women Leaders on Internet and Women in Bangladesh

On Internet, women and change The web has made information from all parts of the world, from all kinds of people, available to anyone who has access to an internet connection. Importantly ... Continue Reading →
TV Commercial

TV Commercials: How good, How bad?

Some of these TV channels televise commercials of these foreign products continuously for 30 minutes. This is because it has been heard that these products pay the TV channels a huge ... Continue Reading →
Food for Baby-soft Skin

Foods for a Baby-Soft Skin

Every woman seeks a genie in her bottle of lotion. Each time she opens it, she hopes to release the kindred spirit that will grant her eternal youth in the form of smooth, unblemished ... Continue Reading →
Be Optimistic

Be Optimistic, you won’t have a Heart Attack

A new study suggests that people with cheerful temperaments are significantly less likely to suffer a coronary event such as a heart attack or sudden cardiac death. Previous research ... Continue Reading →
Online Shopping in Bangladesh Empowering Women

Online Shopping in Bangladesh Empowering Women

Online shopping trends have started a bit late in Bangladesh, but have begun with clothes like Salwar Kameez and saris of different home based boutiques ran by women entrepreneurs. ... Continue Reading →
What is wall stencilling

Decorating Home Walls in Stencils

There is an artist in each one of us that yearns to indulge in creative pursuits. Wall stencilling is one activity that encourages even amateur artists to sketch designs on the canvas ... Continue Reading →
Facebook Logo

80pc Bangladesh Internet users on Facebook

An overwhelming 80 percent internet users of Bangladesh are on social networking website Facebook, authorities monitoring the internet said today. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory ... Continue Reading →
Editors' Forum on Digital Newsportal (EFDN)

Editors’ Forum on Digital Newsportal seeks tax-free internet for news portals

DHAKA: Editors’ Forum on Digital Newsportal (EFDN) has demanded a tax-free access to the internet for the country’s digital news portals. The organization pressed the demand, ... Continue Reading →
Bangladeshi Internet Penetration

62% Bangladeshi Internet users look for Jobs

More than half of Internet browsers in Bangladesh use internet to search jobs related information, found in a recent research conducted by Pew Research Center. The US based research ... Continue Reading →